Art at the Centre

The innovative architecture and design of Swiss Re's Centre for Global Dialogue handsomely reflect its function as a high-level platform for open and stimulating dialogue.

Art and dialogue share a common purpose: the autonomy of thought and expression. The Centre is a place where the artistic and the rational merge to allow for something quite new.

The Centre is home to fine examples of the various visual arts. Among the most notable, perhaps, are the installations that marry the neo-Baroque villa and the natural beauty of the surrounding property.

The newest addition to the collection is Concrete Landscape by the influential Swiss artist duo of Peter Fischli and David Weiss commissioned to commemorate the Centre's 10th anniversary in 2010.

US artist Sol LeWitt, well known for drawings, sculptures and paintings, commissioned his Sloping Progress piece for the Centre in 2000.

Additionally, Austrian artist Gilbert Bretterbauer was responsible for providing a set of 78 worked together wool carpets in the main coffee lounge to symbolise networking, patterning and reporting.

Swiss Re's art collection comprises more than 4 000 works, placed in our company's key locations around the world. It includes a wide range of formats and media: paintings, photographs, sculptures, drawings and graphic art. The most prominent projects and installations are in Zurich, Adliswil, Rüschlikon, London and Armonk/NY.

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Photographers: Stefan Altenburger, Michael Wissing

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