Health monitoring: Making sense of sensors

30 Nov 2016

Location: Rüschlikon/Zurich, Switzerland

About the event

The market of wearable devices is expected to grow exponentially over the next years, disrupting the whole healthcare industry. So far, lifestyle and fitness trackers with limited accuracy dominate the market. With the rise of integrated solutions, more and more vital sign monitors for medical purposes with sophisticated sensor set-ups to provide robust and reliable measurements are entering the market.

Wearable devices generate completely new datasets. Insurers are already seeking to capture data from fitness devices to encourage good behaviour; to act as a value-added service to policy holders; to help underwriting and claims management and to use the data within health insurance models. Yet, it is not just insurers who are interested in fitness data. This is also becoming a way for healthcare providers to reduce costs or corporations to increase health awareness among its employees.

At the conference, we will be hearing how fitness data is analysed to make sense of it all and turn the wealth of data into valuable and actionable insights. We will discuss product and customer service solutions and share how the data can be shared with medical and other stakeholders in a common ecosystem. And we will also consider the data security requirements of such digital environments.

Finally, we will be asking what the next generation of wearable devices will bring. We already know that they will become more directly health focused, able to capture blood sugar levels or interpret vital signs to anticipate a cardiac event. We are probably not many years from implanted smart health devices – at which point the stakes for insurers will be all the higher.


Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Registration and welcome coffee


Welcome and introduction
Francis Blumberg, Head Strategy & Client Services, Swiss Re


Internet of medical things: The future of networked biosensors
Walter Karlen, Assistant Professor, Department for Health Sciences and Technology, and Head Mobile Health Systems Laboratory, ETH Zurich


Wearables and advanced analytics in lifestyle change
Tero Myllymäki, Head of Physiology Research, Firstbeat Technologies


Leveraging health data to build personal resilience and sustainable high performance
Dan Zelezinski, Founder and Managing Director, Peak Health


Coffee break


Monitoring and diagnosis: Wearable sensors in cardiac care
Jon P. Otterstatter, President & Chief Strategy Officer, CEO, Preventice Solutions Group


Panel discussion on data security and privacy
Moderated by Christoph Nabholz, Head R&D Life&Health, Swiss Re

  • Stephan Bachofen, VP Software, Biovotion
  • Reto Schegg, CEO, healthbank
  • Stefan Weiss, Global Data Protection Officer, Swiss Re




Interactive breakout sessions

Tracking heart health and emergency with wearable devices
Tim Hin Wai Lui, Co-Founder, Heartisans

Integrating wearables, gamification, big data & karma to impact healthy behaviour
Vishal Gondal, CEO and Founder, GOQii

Data@Dexcom: CGM technology, IoT connectivity, and the drive to insight delivery in diabetes care, and
Managing diabetes in the digital age: Integrated self-management app
Nathaniel Heintzman, Senior Manager of Data Partnerships, Dexcom
Simon Bourne, CEO, my mhealth

Implantable biosensor for long-term continous monitoring of body chemistry
Frederic Gaume, SVP Business Operations, Profusa




Interactive breakout sessions (repeated)


Coffee break


Engaging consumers in health and wellness: The shift from episodic to everyday
Russ Johannesson, Chief Operating Officer, Sharecare


Smart health: A new longitudinal source of health data & facial analytics
Jay Olshansky, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, Lapetus Solutions, and Professor, School of Public Health, University of Illinois


The future athlete
Scott Drawer, Head of Sky Performance Hub, Team Sky


Closing remarks
Francis Blumberg, Head Strategy & Client Services, Swiss Re




Join us at Biovotion for an apero and to see the latest in physiological monitoring. A shuttle bus will be leaving at 19:00 from the front desk to Biovotion in Zurich.

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Photos by David Ausserhofer