The Centre's Spring quiz - and the winners are ...!

15 Jul 2011

The Centre celebrated spring with an on-line quiz. The goal was to bring people to the Centre's website to learn more about the issues that are explored there through events and its communication channels.

It worked! Over 370 people sent us correct answers to the quiz and three winners were chosen. And surprisingly, three people with links to Swiss Re were the random winners chosen.

The three winners are:

1st prize: Urs Studer, Swiss Re Alumni

2nd prize: Maria Corlett, Swiss Re Underwriter

3rd prize: Karin Parpan, Swiss Re Executive Assistant

"Wow, I'm very surprised - I never win a prize" Karin Parpan exclaimed when the winning names were announced. She then went shopping on Amazon to use her prize, a CHF 50.00 gift certificate. Second prize winner, Maria Corlett and a guest, will enjoy a  night at the Centre and breakfast in the Dining Room. Urs Studer won the top prize, but immediately tested the Centre's customer centricity. He enjoyed dinner for six at the Centre, rather than the originally planned overnight stay for two with breakfast and dinner.