Embracing a digital future: the CGD multimedia app

18 Feb 2016

Our industry is facing change, both in the issues disrupting the re/insurance industry, and the way we access expert information on these key topics.

Consistently working at the forefront of these developments, the team from the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue has distilled a selection of their knowledge-rich conferences and expert insights into a range of accessible digital reports, available through the CGD app.

CGD Multimedia app storefront photo

Our digital publications feature video interviews and presentations with expert speakers, plus a full range of images capturing the event. Joining our suite of topics are the latest reports on The Autonomous Car and 3-D Printing, together with the Next Generation Insurance Customer and Health Risk Factors in Rapidly Changing Economies.

Learn from the developers of driverless cars and other key stakeholders as they talk of the challenges directly affecting the future of motor insurance. Watch leading scientists as they describe the increasing role of 3-d printing in health and medicine and explore the variety of products printed with this technology.

The team at the Centre continues to explore innovative ways to share expertise with conference attendees and those with a professional interest in our future-orientated events.

The CGD app is free in iTunes Store and Google Play. Take a look at our digital reports and let us know what you think.