Risk Dialogue Magazine – Edition June 2010

12 Jun 2010

This issue focuses on the emerging discipline of Integrative Risk Management (IRM) and on the IRM initiative of the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich.

Integrative risk management starts with the premise that no measure of risk exposure can be taken in isolation. It is a view that is largely well established in a corporate context, with emphasis being placed on a more holistic understanding of risk management. This integrative approach is beginning to make headway into the strategic management of risks at a societal level.

Over recent decades risk management has advanced into a discipline that contributes to the systematic development of risk assessment methods, as well as to the implemention of solutions adressing the consequences of risk.

Increased awareness of large risks and their interconnectivities, progress in modelling, combined with experiences of major catastrophic events, have all contributed to the evolution of the discipline – but there is still much to be learned about the risk mitigation for societies.

There are now many measures that can be undertaken by governments and authorities to manage systemic and overlapping risks. These range from ex ante to ex post activities, which can contribute to a swift financial and physical rebuilding of society post-catastrophe.

The Risk Dialogue Magazine ‘Integrative Risk Management in Focus’ features two of the articles published in the Risk Dialogue Series ‘Integrative Risk Management – Advanced Disaster Recovery’. The Risk Dialogue Magazine further features an article on the Chair in Intregative Risk Management, sponsored by Swiss Re, at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich.

The Risk Dialogue Magazine also contains articles on recent events at the Centre, including an Expert Hearing on Data Protection, and the Stakeholder Conference ‘Getting the Balance Right: Risk Selection in Private Insurance’. The latter event focused on the balance between private life insurance risk selection and anti-discrimination legislation within Europe.

Enjoy reading the Risk Dialogue Magazine articles!

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