The Centre experience: Bastian Seiler

14 Aug 2012

Bastian Seiler is currently completing an internship at the Centre. He reflects on his time at the Centre and what he will take with him further into his career.

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What initially brought you to the Centre?

I applied for an internship on international trade flows and trade finance. The job description fitted very well with my academic background and with personal interests. The Risk Research Relations (RRR) team is the lead partner in the internship and as a result I have been working with them at the Centre.

What is the nature of the project you have been working on?

The project stemmed from a business requirement within the CORSO Bank Trade & Infrastructure Finance (BT&I) team. Three teams are involved - RRR, BT&I and Economic Research and Consulting (ER&C). Having three parties working on the project is very beneficial as it pairs economic know-how with extensive business experience. The cerebral environment of the Centre helps stimulate innovative solutions.

Are there any findings from your project you can share with us?

Despite restricted data availability, a quantitative relationship between trade flows and trade finance can be observed. The analysis supports the identification of business opportunities and estimating market potential for trade finance solutions.

How have you found your time at Swiss Re and working at the Centre?

The team at the Centre have been very friendly and cooperatively supported me. The Centre is a great place to focus on innovative solutions.

How can such an internship prepare you for the future?

It has been fantastic to experience Swiss Re culture and build a really good network within the company. Both will be of great use for my career development.

What are the next steps for you?

What I really hope is that a vacancy will arise in the BT&I or the ER&C teams. I have previously worked in microinsurance and I could also imagine working again in that area.

Would you recommend a similar internship?

Absolutely, it is very beneficial for your CV and it is a great experience to build on in my future career.

Bastian has an academic background in macroeconomics and political science. He has already professional experience in economic research and microinsurance. In his spare time he likes hiking and football, discovering foreign cultures, learning foreign languages, and political philosophy.

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