Engineering environmental risk

Steve Piatkowski, William Hazelton , 16 Oct 2014

Protecting the environment is an integral part of business today. While working to safeguard natural resources, companies also seek to protect their own businesses and reputations. Environmental risks, however, are often highly complex, particularly for multinational corporations. Each site, each facility and each country pose different environmental challenges. Identifying the exposures and developing strategies to mitigate them requires specialised expertise.

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Steve Piatkowski

VP at ACE Environmental Risk

Steve Piatkowski is Vice President, ACE Environmental Risk, based in Philadelphia. Mr Piatkowski has both national and international responsibility for the technical evaluation of risks completed for all lines of environmental insurance. A frequent presenter at environmental industry, academic and legal conferences, Mr Piatkowski has worked in the environmental engineering field since 1985. He began his career as an environmental engineer with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

William Hazelton

Executive VP at ACE

William Hazelton is Executive Vice President in ACE’s Environmental Risk Division and Construction Industry Practice. Based in Jersey City, New Jersey, Mr Hazelton has responsibility for the development, underwriting, and delivery of environmental risk solutions for brokers and their clients, from small or mid-size to large multinationals. In this capacity, Mr. Hazelton manages a national team of environmental underwriting specialists deployed throughout the US. In December 2012, Mr Hazelton was announced as the ACE Construction Industry Practice Leader. In this role, Mr Hazelton is responsible for driving the overall strategic and tactical delivery of the company’s products and services within the Construction Industry Practice. Mr Hazleton has more than 20 years of underwriting and claims experience.

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