Transforming healthcare

Issue #24

Digitalisation is spreading throughout our society, and not least in healthcare. It has the potential to change the way we manage illnesses; to allow greater self-empowerment with respect to health; to nudge individuals towards better health behaviour; to improve monitoring of chronic conditions and eventually acute ones; and to gain more insights into the nature and causes of diseases.

Insurers have many interests around healthcare. Most directly, there is healthcare insurance; but there are also life policies; longevity products; accident coverage; and policies to cover long-term care. All of these have the potential to be substantially influenced by digitalisation. Above all, what is important for insurers is that technology is used as best we can to improve how long we live and the quality of life we experience.

Why watch wearables?

Why watch wearables?

There is a huge buzz around health wearables. Andreas Caduff, Biovotion, discusses the challenges –...